Market Outlook 5 Aug(RBI )

For all recommendation must keep in mind markets are not going to be as simple as that of Mar-May one way rally.

Rate Outlook : Though any rate cut is unexpected Rajan may bring surprise 25 bps cut in CRR/Repo Rate

Index Outlook

We have recommended buy in Bank NIFTY @15300 lvl for tgt 15550-15680

Option Bet : Bank NIFTY 16000 CE tgt 210-330

NIFTY: 7660 given earlier is a crucial pivot on closing basis. Very short term tgt 8841+ ;bias positive (from where to start will be crucial for real gains)


PNB buy tgt 988-1033-1088

SBI buy tgt 2528-2588-2750

RelCapital accumulate for tgt 680-748-810 in coming days and keep trading few qty in declines

ABIRLANUVO hold for 1800+(Already given on twitter)

Market Outlook for Coming days

We have seen spectacular rally(Feb-June) as was told well in advance and now markets have digested and capitulated well in the last one-two months. Moving forward we are seeing decent opportunity ahead till Diwali 14 at least 1000“tradable” NIFTY points in Aug-Oct timeframe . The major difference this time will be opportunity available in Options and good volatility in commodities too. In the last run-up (feb-june election time) not much was available as “tradable” option opportunity , but this time its good for options too.

For trading the upcoming market opportunity we are offering Diwali Special package for interested candidates. For details fill your details below or visit:Diwali Special

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