Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki


Our Recommendation : Investment Buy and Also Short term bet(6-9 months)

Time Frame : 2-3 yrs

Short term buy target: 3800-4200

Long Term(2-3 yrs) target : 12000+

Any dips should be used to add this counter. But remember this is not a trading bet .

Recently launched Ciaz is going to be game changer for Maruti. Till now Maruti was leader in entry level and hatchback, but was missing the game in more lucrative( high margin) sedan segment . Further its design and and brand image always stopped buyers from shifting to the next level car which is going to change big way by Ciaz. Any car lover can say its best of Vento(safety and build quality), Honda City(elegant design) and Verna (gadgetry) and add to that Maruti service and reliability.

So it should bring Maruti to the section ,it has been left till now.

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