Will it crash?

First I wish all my followers a very Happy New Year.

After a long time writing a detailed market outlook here but I hope you must have minted good money following my calls on facebook and twitter , which were quite regular but I am not in the category who bombard with calls with each market movement, instead my calls on market is always directional and on ‘opportunity’.

As mentioned in my fb post (link) market played its jerk-up and now it seems exhausted. Most importantly different indexes and commodities are making lows and then making lower high Dow Jones being an exception .  But as I have mentioned several times there is nothing like decoupling and everything moves together and there might be temporary out-of-sync movements which a trader should utilise.

Now it’s the time fundamentals will start playing . And now the big one Dow should take a hit on downside(together with many other indices which were playing up-down game till now) as till now it was the only investible place (like some time back people used to think about gold which is almost 25% down from peak) . As it was rising not because of any positives but since every other place on the planet had negatives. But now is the time when people will start getting over-cautious  discounting any good news coming and the only safe heaven will become the real money and that’s cash (which currency being that cash is a different question and my plain simple answer for that will be Dollars and Gold – as currency not commodity as both have solid backing of hundreds of years).

So I won’t be giving any trading levels here (as the free calls will be updated on fb and paid subscribers will be getting calls personally) ; but the outlook in plain words is : NEGATIVE.

But yes this down and several countertrend moves together with next move up is a grand opportunity to create wealth and the ‘right time ‘ which I always talk about for taking positions. And also for traders a big cycle doesn’t matter most but what matters is profit on leveraged position on a small movement of that cycle . Example being last month in which in spite of my negative outlook major profits were made in long calls(as that gave fast results: mostly intraday and BTST) than in short positions(which were few in number from my side to subscribers) . For this major Wealth Opportunity we are also launching a special subscription which will be unveiled shortly( within this week) .

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