Market Outlook for wednesday 24th feb 2010

Nifty this month remained in a range of 4675—4930 almost 255 points and still looking for direction, but i think this is a buying oppurtunity created for and after budget.technical charts of nifty atleast shows this. till we are holding 4650 on closing basis no problem for bulls.

For wednesday 24 feb 2010:

Buy nifty abv 4886 spot tgt 4905 and abv 4908 tgt 4950 spot. if opens low around 4810–4825 buy with 4785 sl tgt 4900.

stocks for trade r icici bank sl 825 tgt 856—-866—880

hindalco sl 148 tgt 157—160–165

tatasteel sl 562 tgt 580—588

sbi if holds 1890 on closing basis then buy sl 1875 tgt 2020(positinal)

sesagoa sl 360 tgt 385—402—420(positinal)

reliance sl 948 tgt 990—1005—1036(positinal)


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