Market Outlook – 8th Dec 2008

Last market outlook rocked too as usual . Few of the trades were : NIFTY went till the third target of 2790, GVK just came back from the range given by me , i.e. 19.8, SMS call Chambal did well too from 34 to 39. What else you want from the free service. Definetely our first priority is OUR PREMIUM MEMBERS and TRADE MANAGEMENT SERVICE CLIENTS , but still we have given more than just small profits to the free members and blog-readers , yes but FREE LUNCH IS ONLY WITH SELF-SERVICE , lol means you have to use your brain with my levels.

NIFTY levels given earlier is still the same as market is stuck in the range 2540-2912 and breakout or breakdown seems distant for now even after stimulus package and RBI rate cut. Breakout is only above 3020 and 2912-3020 is no man’s land.

For next session(s):

NIFTY is buy above 2740 with 2722 SL for targets 2790-2840-2880-2912-3110 and sell below 2690 with 2722 sl for tgt 2630-2540- below 2540 disaster

For persons dying to short can take risk of shorting at 2880-2912 with sl 3020 for tgt 2630 better buy put in rise. You can short Bank NIFTY too at around 4650-4800 range with SL 4850. Levels are high compared to friday’s closing but more are the chances of getting the above mentioned levels to initiate shorts.

 Stocks IDEAS:

  • UNITECH buy above 30 with SL 28.5 tgt 34-38-42-58

  • DLF buy with SL 202 positional target 212-216-228 follow strict sl

  • ANSAL INFRA buy above 27.1 for target 32-34-38 SL 28

  • GVKPIL buy in all dips , this is true multi-bagger both for investor and trader. Investors can expect huge gain in this counter (may be same as UNITECH gave in the last bull market , you can find such multi-baggers in these market conditions only) as this is the best and strongest of all infra counters.

  • NDTV and IBN18 can buy for decent gains.

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