Market Outlook 23rd Oct 2008



Last all market oulooks have already rocked. Thoes who would have followed the NIFTY levels given must have made at least 400 points in last 3 sessions itself. We are recomending puts since 3800 levels from the starting of the month both on sms(to subscribe Send JOIN WarrenStocks to 99801 99801) and on the blog the last of them being NIFTY 3000 put yesterday.



Today market seems to open with a big gap down. Watch for 2962 as Intraday support below that sell for target of 2901-2852-2811. Below 3050 NO LONGS are sugested and it will be better to stay away or be on the short side.

As I said earlier its now good for investors to start investing without waiting for so called bottom but not 100% as told yesterday its wise to put around 30% now.

Stay away from reality counters as you must remember i had recomended UNITECH short at quite higher levels(120+).

Calls for Today:

  • One Can buy RENUKA Sugar in dips With SL 52
  • TISCO buy at lower levels with SL 630
  • Short SBI with SL 1390
  • Short NTPC with SL 144
  • Short UNITECH SL 78

*All LEVELS for today don’t try to compare SL prices with earlier prices as we have seen a few queries where intra-day recomendations are compared with long term recomendations which should not be done. Further levels should be properly followed for a decent gain and no hand burn.

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