Market Outlook 20 Nov 2008

All levels(downside) of NIFTY of my last Market Outlook was met yesterday so i am writing back again. Point to be noted is that NIFTY followed exactly the levels we told. Further if any one watched market live must have felt at each of the supports provided market either stopped or given bounces.It was written as "NIFTY Levels : below 2912 2880-2840(strong support)-2660-2633 above 2990 3050-3080-3112-3180" and yesterday it closed near to my last support.

Today 2540 is crutial below that (if sustains) we will see 2472-2416-2190 but if 2540 sustains we can create long with trailing SL. WE BOUGHT 2600 PUT YESTERDAY IN PREMIUM SERVICE AT THE PEAK OF MARKET. SO DEFINETELY HERE YOU CAN EXPECT LEVELS BUT NOT THE EXACT TRADES. FOR EXACT TRADES U NEED TO JOIN OUR PREMIUM SERVICES.

Stocks for Trading:
  • GVKPIL again hot as we were recomending it from 11 levels and it did 20+ in a matter of just 2 weeks last time. The stock is again hot  buy from your profits.

  • DLF short below 235 tgt 212-202

  • UNITECH short below 38 tgt 30

  • ON near 2540 levels try to exit all shorts and go short only when it sustains below 2540.

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Market Outlook 12 Nov 2008

Last market outlook rocked both sides. Both the upside and downside targets were achieved in 2 seessions flat.

GVKPIL Rocked….Nagarjuna Fertilizer did its tgt

You can be surprised to see Sexsex at 11800 in Nov and 14600 in december. But Timing only we know as we said last time there is a upside and down side and timing we knew. SO WHY LOOSING MONEY DAILY.. JOIN EXPERSTS PAY ONCE AND STOP LOOSING. FOR OUR RETAIL SERVICES CLICK HERE. 

Todays Calls:

  • Aurbindo Pharma

NIFTY Levels : below 2912 2880-2840(strong support)-2660-2633 above 2990 3050-3080-3112-3180

Market Outlook 10th NOV 2008

Last market oulook rocked both sides for traders who followed our levels. Calls given on SMS(to join send JOIN WarrenStocks to 99801 99801) also did exceptionally well.

Next :

  • NIFTY Short below 2960 for tgt 2912 abv tgt 3060-3100-3180
  • GVKPower already double frm recomendation buy for TGT 52+ in a few months and 25+ in few weeks–George Soros’s Quantum Fund has bought back this co’s sold stake
  • Nagarjuna Fertilizer sl 15 tgt 19-21
  • GujratNRE buy in all dips SL 26 tgt 52